Justin Bieber Virginity omg

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 ↑ EVERYONE READ THIS FANFIC! It is actually really good. 

Opposition - Chapter 2. 

Chapter 2 - “The name’s Drew.”

First day at school wasn’t what I was expecting. People that live around this area have got money, I thought they would be the ones to be walking around showing off. Instead, they walked around helping others, like someone baked a cake full of rainbow and smiles and then everyone ate it. That’s exactly what it seems like. Thanks “she doesn’t even go here" girl from Mean Girls, your quote came in handy. Props. 

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Opposition - Chapter 1. 

Chapter 1 - “he’s not someone you want to get involved with Alice, trust me.”

Before we start, bare in mind this is not your usual love story: the girl falls for the boy while he flirts with her; he then falls in love with her; they argue; break up and then finally live happily ever after. Oh how I wish it had been one of those stories. But I’ve never been lucky enough to have things come to me easily. 

Moving from town to town is what I do. I’ve never been in one place for more than eight months. All this due to my father’s job, which you will learn more about as we go on. I haven’t got a best friend, I don’t get attached to people and I know who not to get involved with. That is probably one of the best things of moving around so much, I guess you start learning who to trust and who not to. 

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